Domain / Web Hosting

A Domain name is vital for any business to represent their online presence. Get your own domain name and free space for files, documents, and emails with Designs Daddy.

A domain name is used to identify the IP address. It is essentially the element that classifies and differentiates your website from a large number of other similar websites present on the World Wide Web. Every domain name has a suffix that indicates which Top Level Domain (TLD) it belongs to. There are only a limited number of such domains and Designs Daddy helps to register your domain name, make transfers and initiate add-ons. So the requirement to record your domain name will be done by Designs Daddy. This is necessary so that you are genuinely represented digitally and can have a thriving business presence. The domain represents your control of the resource or possession. This is thus an essential move to successfully complete a step towards complete website representation.


Designs Daddy Domain service benefits:

  • The domain name will be SEO-friendly
  • Increased visibility of your company’s name in search engines
  • More chances to enhance your business
  • Expand your customer base

Designs Daddy offers Web hosting services as well. Web Hosting refers to providing storage space and access for websites to be made visible. We provide cost-effective services for your concerned business needs.


We provide:

    • Hosting services at competitive prices
    • Featured DNS services
    • Security Features
    • The server provided by us is always up to the 99%  mark
    • URL & Email Forwarding
    • Full Domain Control
    • Free Register Lock
    • In Addition to 1GB hosting space, we provide 10 free emails. So it’s cost-effective for your business.
    • The service is SEO- friendly for your website

We can ensure that our Domain and Web Hosting services will be beneficial to any kind of business.

Domain / Web Hosting